Fort Wetherill State Park, Jamestown, RI

Keep Rhody Litter Free!

Rhode Island needs you to become litter free.
Take the pledge and help us reach this goal.

Let's Keep Rhody Litter Free!

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is world-renowned for its natural beauty.

Our beaches, parks, and outdoor spaces are part of what makes our state so beautiful and special, especially when they are litter free. Let's keep it that way!

That’s why First Lady Susan McKee and Governor Dan McKee have launched a statewide anti-litter campaign. We will encourage Rhode Islanders and visitors to help clean up our outdoor spaces, and protect our unique natural heritage.

Please take the time to review the wide range of resources, events, and opportunities throughout this site to discover how you can help Keep Rhody Litter Free!



Governor and Mrs. McKee cleanup

"When Rhode Island comes together, great things happen."

Governor Daniel J. McKee of the State of Rhode Island is encouraging everyone to take part in ending litter in Rhode Island.  

  • Currently litter is everywhere, but we don’t have to let that be our future
  • Real change will only come about if we all work together
  • Litter is more than just a blight on our landscape.
  • Litter is costly to clean up, impacts our quality of life and economic development, and eventually ends up in our waterways and oceans.