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School and Youth group cleanup program

School and Youth Groups throughout Rhode Island are committed to eliminating litter.  These initiatives clearly show that the youth of our state not only wish to have a positive impact on the environment, but also have a profound respect and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Ocean State.

Schools and Youth Programs making a difference

North Kingstown School Department

We had a very successful clean-the-school/park day!
Students were able to work in groups and were assigned and responsible for a specific area. By sharing the responsibility and the load we were able to cover the entire school and park area! Students were amazed at the amount of trash that was collected. Since that day the students have been more careful about their own trash in the school and cafeteria. They have continued to pick up after others around our school. The highlight of the day was when one student picked up a twenty-dollar bill and donated towards the lemonade purchase!


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