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Let’s Keep Rhody Litter Free in 2023!

Join the movement! First Lady Susan McKee has a challenge for all Rhode Islanders: Pick up one piece of litter every day!

If all one million RI residents pledge to pick up one at least piece of litter every day, there will be 365,000,000 fewer pieces of litter by the end of the year!

One million RI residents could easily remove one million pieces of litter from our state each day. On your way to work, shopping, dining, or walking to school, if each one of us picks up just one piece of litter every day, the results will be dramatic.

Get your friends, co-workers, and family members to each pick up one piece of litter, or more if you get in the groove. Then take a picture and post your photos on social media with the hashtag #RIMillionPieces.

Litter doesn’t have to stay in RI. If we all just pick up one piece, RI will be one million pieces cleaner!

Let’s keep the momentum going Rhode Island!

Governor and Mrs. McKee cleanup

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is world-renowned for its natural beauty.

Our beaches, parks, and outdoor spaces are part of what makes our state so beautiful and special, especially when they are litter free. Let's keep it that way!

That’s why First Lady Susan McKee and Governor Dan McKee have launched a statewide anti-litter campaign. We will encourage Rhode Islanders and visitors to help clean up our outdoor spaces, and protect our unique natural heritage.

Please take the time to review the wide range of resources, events, and opportunities throughout this site to discover how you can help Keep Rhody Litter Free!

"Did you know that businesses across our state are required to pay a so-called litter tax? Here’s the kicker – the fees collected from this tax don’t even go towards cleaning up litter, and paying this tax is a big nuisance for small businesses. We need to improve our small business climate by doing away with fees like this. Let’s not only eliminate this tax, but let's also fund an initiative to tackle the litter on our streets, beaches and recreational areas.

In place of the litter tax, we’re going to create a dedicated line item in the budget to Keep Rhody Litter Free – this is a priority for our First Lady Susan McKee, and I encourage Rhode Islanders to join our effort to get rid of litter by visiting: and take the pledge."

Governor Daniel J. McKee. 2023 State of the State Address (January 17, 2023)

Governor Daniel J. McKee. 2023 State of the State Address

Litter Free RI Receives National Recognition

Keep America Beautiful awarded Rhode Island's affiliate Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful a 2022 Innovation Award at their National Conference in Washington DC.  

KBVB was awarded in the Local Partnership subcategory for the amazing partnership, support, and collaboration with designing the first state landing spot for information on litter. Rhode Island's goal is to end litter in all 39 communities and show how municipalities, community groups, schools, state agencies, businesses and individuals are working all together to accomplish this objective.