Ending litter is important to us because …

Alyssa - Johnston
I want to keep my community looking beautiful and staying healthy. 

Wendy - New Shoreham
It is important to keep our spaces clean for all to enjoy. We should always leave places better than we have found them. It should take minimal effort to properly dispose of trash and process recyclables.

Michael - Foster 
Keeping our environment clean and protecting our earth for posterity

Paula - Jamestown 
Born Rhode Islander and love this state! I am proud of its natural beauty and know how litter detracts from RI aesthetically, environmentally and behaviorally. If trash is common, plastic bottels, bags, etc. are thrown around,it makes us less proud of what we have been given! Taking good care of our environment brings joy; and joy can be shared with many! The impact of trash and microplastics on our state's coastline goes much further and negatively impacts the health of our magnificent Narragansett Bay and the Rivers, and ponds of RI!

Steve - Westerly 
We need to respect each other, the environment, and wildlife by keep our properties clean.

Kendra - Middletown 
We need to keep the world we live in healthy and beautiful for now and future generations.

Noreen - Warwick
Litter contributes to the contamination of our rivers and streams.

Nancy - Middletown 
It is destructive to the environment and an eyesore.

Kate - Bristol 
Why wouldn’t it be important? This state is beautiful and should be kept clean & polished.

Kim  - Newport
I Want our state safe and sanitary, not to mention beautiful.

Ryan - South Kingstown
It will make a big impact in keeping our watersheds flowing properly. In my opinion This will help our state allocate tax dollars toward more important causes like education and environmental awareness.

Kerry - Portsmouth
PFAS chemicals are entering our water system and soil. If we can prevent PFAS laden litter from entering these ecosystems we will be protecting our unique RI Environment and the animals which live within it. (Animals includes us!)

Anne- Middletown
I wish to enjoy a clean earth and I want to leave a cleaner and safer environment to future generations.

Susanne - Cranston
I have lived my whole life in RI and I am proud of that! It upsets me to see people disrespecting it when I see trash on the roadside, in people’s yards, on the highways. This little state is all we have and we should take care of it like we take care of our own home. I want this state to be beautiful for my future grandchildren!

Toni - East Providence
I am a Native American my ancestors are from CT RI MA and the earth is our mother. It is important to care for her so she can take care of us.

Jeffery - Cranston
Because it is not the right thing to do to mother earth. Who has blessed us with this beautiful place.

Maureen - Narragansett
It's important to end littering as it pollutes the air, land, and water. In addition, it may harm people, animals, and marine life. Litter is also unsightly and an unnecessary expense.

Dean - Woonsocket
I like things to be clean!

Brian - West Warwick
Keeping our state looking beautiful to residents and visitors would be proud to live here and visitors willing to come back. Sadly I see adult people with children throw trash on the ground and the children think it's okay to do the same. I have seen it first hand.

Christine - West Warwick
Rhode Island is beautiful and I would like to keep it that way!

Robert - Cumberland
...litter shows disrespect.

Jennifer - Woonsocket
It’s to protect this planet for generations to come for all of its inhabitants that call Earth home.

Cynthia - Glocester
It impacts every one of us. So often we are not able to assist in eliminating a problem - but this one - we all have the power to help.
We also can teach others by our example. It doesn't cost anything but the impacts it will have are huge. Thank you.

Paulette – North Smithfield
Our state should look beautiful!

Marc – Narragansett
I believe picking up litter helps to keep our beautiful State looking beautiful.

Arthur – Cranston 
Cleaner spaces look far better than dirtier spaces!!!! Who wants to look at dirty and ugly areas in this state. Litter can be prevented!!!

Carolyn – Cumberland
We need to keep our world clean and safe for our future generations.

Tom - Cumberland
Tourism and vacationers are an important to our economy and we should try to keep our State pristine.

Susan – Cumberland
It is important to keep Rhode Island beautiful!

Constance – Cumberland
Our State is beautiful, and we must strive to keep it that way - free of litter and debris.

Megan – South Kingstown
RI is too pretty a state to be fouled up with litter. There is absolutely no excuse for litter in 2023.

Michael – Providence
I love, and I am proud of my beautiful neighborhood, city, and state and keeping it litter free makes things more beautiful, better, and enjoyable for all of us!

Carol – Barrington
It makes our cities and towns look beautiful.

Crystal – North Providence
Protecting our planet. Keeping water clean.

Mary Lynne – Charlestown
I am incensed when I see litter along our roads & in our parking lots. We can all do our part to keep our beautiful state beautiful!

James – North Kingstown
Everyone deserves to see Rhode Island “litter free”!

Sharon – West Warwick
Our state is beautiful! I love our state, love our beaches, and believe that we are the MOST beautiful state in the union. Together we can make it happen! It makes my heart saddened to see what is happening here!

Shannon – Cranston
I wish for a healthy environment for my kids. Keeping it clean shows pride in our community, keeping all the kids and animals healthy. Role modeling a safe, clean living will hopefully inspire those around us to do the same.

Karen – Providence
I love my city and state. The amount of trash is so depressing. I just returned from Spain and both Madrid and Barcelona were spotless! Our state is just as beautiful - I will do all I can to help her shine!

Jim – Providence
It shows how little people care about their community.

Carolyn – West Greenwich
To keep Rhode Island safe and beautiful.

Lori- Warwick
It hurts wildlife and our natural resources.

Christine – Smithfield
It’s ugly.

David - Warwick
I want to keep this environment as clean as possible. Avoid nature being exposed and possibly harmed by it.

Jax – Pawtucket
I want Rhode Island to be beautiful for many generations.

Donna – North Smithfield
Litter should be a problem we can fix relatively easily.   It’s just individuals being careless.  We need to remind everyone they should never litter, and littering is not something that is okay or accepted.  It is really easy to keep waste in your car and to not drop litter when out walking or enjoying nature.  Together we can do this Rhode Island.

Nancy - Glocester
I am a walker in Glocester and I am very aware of the amount of litter on main roads, mostly beer cans, nips and misc. garbage. I often take the neighborhood kids and with them, pick up litter that we find on our own road or I will pick up garbage I see while I'm walking. It's the least I can do so I can enjoy the beauty of my walks.