Schools and Youth Groups

Ending litter is important to us because …

Nuestro Mundo Public Charter School - Providence 
Nuestro Mundo’s curriculum goes beyond academics, emphasizing environmental awareness and multicultural education to foster well-rounded, compassionate and capable students. By addressing global issues like climate change and social inequality, we prepare our students to actively contribute to their communities and navigate the challenges of our world. Our school is located in South Providence,
a neighborhood that was severed from the waterfront by the I-95 corridor created in the 1950s-60s, contributing to significant loss of green space and tree canopy in our proximity, leading to South Providence’s classification as an FDA designated food desert and a Heath Equity Zone by the RI Department of Health.

We are therefore doubly conscious that maintaining our physical environment and specifically, a school garden, is an important component of our project-based learning approach to achieving our mission and ensuring our students have safe and healthy access to the earth. Through the school garden, we've raised student consciousness about environmental contamination – soil contamination in particular, that hinder our students' opportunity to interact with the natural world, develop environmental awareness, consider sustainability, and bolster ecological literacy.

Our students are ambassadors and stewards of our environment; picking up litter and leaving no trace is THE LEAST anyone can do!

Forest Avenue Elementary School - Middletown 
We want to have a clean environment for our students to play and learn.